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“Writing is a craft of which we are all apprentices and no one a master.”

Ernest Hemingway

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You would be better to listen for advises, experience and opinions of smart and successful people.

About a year ago one great entrepreneur shared with me his thoughts about one young politician from Kyrgyzstan who he had to work for. He described this man as a totally greedy person.

So a month ago I had a meeting with that politician and accepted some internet work for him. When the work was done he didn't pay my a penny.

I don't see this situation as a lost of money. I see it as a great experience. Now I surely have no dreams about politicians and with a great pleasure will campaign against this guy.

And for sure I'll continue to listen for advises of smart people.

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It has been six years since I ended my first relationship. I never started a new relationship with anyone,because I haven't met with the right person. My friends would say that I am too picky, but love is all about being picky. You can force yourself to do anything but spend the rest of your life with a wrong person. How can I explain that I don't feel lonely and I always enjoy this kind of single life? I never refuse to accept a person, and I am waiting for the right person all the time. But before we meet each other, I can do things I want to become better and better. And day after day, I believe that we're getting closer and closer.

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For me, one Chinese guy,
learn English more than 32 years,
but ,I know just now write Cnglish , not Englilsh.

But should i change it?

at first, the trues surprised me.
world people so realy ok for Cnglish,
esp. for discuss programming problem/bug/suggest,
or exchange ideas...

of course, trip out China,
Cnglish also working good enough.

there is only one stage,Cnglish can not working,novel, poem .. etc.
the true field of literature.

and now, program is not my only working,
I need build relations with all kinds of group outside.
so the English better than Cnglish.

if there one easy way to make me upgrade into English from Cnglish.

I do.

so I doing now.

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What will I get from University when I graduate after two years? I have considered this question again and again these days.Though I don't figure out the exact answer to the question,I am firmly convinced that the optimistic life style I choose now can absolutely make me become more powerful and lead my way to pursuing dreams.You are what you read.You are what you did.That means no matter what will happen in the future,the knowledge you learnt in University,the basic skills you master in University and the experience you have been in University will never betray you.Everyone can achieve his dreams if he stick on.

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To be honest I found this excellent website in SNS, one guy re-forward a message on WeiBo(It's a network product like Twitter in china), I have clicked the link and visited it, the content immediately attract me to stay a long time. I found that a lot of first post are come from WeiBo, and also describe same thing.
1. I want to improve my English.
2. I want to exercise my writing skill.
3. Shared some emotion things.
So I guess at that time, It's the day of the east earth, and cause that message on WeiBo, some person like me found this website, and take a minutes to post there first blog.
The all above also represent my thought, I have another objective that I could shared more beautiful article in further. It's a good start for me, right?

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It has been a long 9-week half semester for me as an exchange student here in the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Before I came here, everyone kept talking how good the university is and only when I came here have I realised that they meant that this is a good place to study: taking 5 courses here is definitely no easy job, I must spend a lot of time mugging every day.

Despite that I totally enjoy my life here as a new Tar Heel. Great people, great culture, great professors and great university pride! Be it so picky, the food is not that good for me since I am an Asian. One more thing! The weather cannot be more erratic here.

The spring break is one more day to go, I am writing this while I take a short break from packing stuff to California.

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(no pen name)
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I have arrived in Beijing for 5 days. I used imagined how fantastic here is, however, the truth is totally different. People take subway must accept security check which similar to airport. The temperature inside is high enough to steam food. The strange smell among line 1 and line 2 inspire you where you are. To my point of view, there are many famous traditional food in Beijing, hence, it should be easy to find and enjoy them. Unfortunately, I'M too young too naive, if you want to get all of delicious food, you have to search them by different transportation. I will not recommend you subway, if you choose that, the experience of change lines, you would never forget.

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Hey beauty! Happy Girls Day!

Today is March 7,2014. It's for girls who is under fourteen-year-old. Although I am a married lady, I still hope keep young forever.

I received a present, a hand cream from my manager this morning. She bought it when traveled in Korea. Such a sweet present, and how nice she is! Thanks a lot!

And, I am so happy to know this website. I hope to keeping writing every day and enjoy it.

Here is my first daily. That's all.

^.^Thanks for your kindly comments!

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